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Lyon City Guide

Top 5 : Coffee Shops in Lyon!

By Erasmus Party in Lyon

I don't know about you, but if there is one thing we like to do here when we work as much as when we see our friends, it's to be in a nice place with something to eat and drink! You don't know Lyon, you want some good addresses?  Go down a little further, and you will find our top five best coffee shops! (for us). ☕️

Meals, Brunch, snacks, hot and cold drinks... A place of calm relaxation, or hectic but with joy... There will be a little of everything, and for everyone.🍪


The highlight is the large air-conditioned room at the back, which has several large tables that can easily accommodate work groups. On the menu, hot drinks, cold drinks but especially good sweet pies that evolve through the seasons, so there is never the same thing in winter and in summer. You can also stay for lunch, or book your brunch on the weekend. All in all, a nice place, a more than good service, and a working space with plugs and wifi which allows you to enjoy it fully.


But be prepared to spend a little money, the peninsula and the home-made food require a little bit of money. (Unfortunately!

Image 22-02-2023 à 11.37.jpeg
Source IG : @jeannineetsuzanne

▶ 34 Rue Sainte Hélène, Lyon 2

Capture d’écran 2021-07-15 à 11.04.43.png
Source IG : @vidscoffee

▶ 32 rue Salada Lyon 2


This Bubble tea Bar and coffee shop is the perfect place to listen to good music, sit with friends or work. The strong points are the large variety of bubble tea that you can find, the revisits made around cold coffees with tapioca, chai tea latte in bubble tea mode... You can also find the usual drinks in a coffee shop, coffee, chocolates... If you are a little hungry, let yourself be tempted by the home-made pastries, cookies, cheesecakes etc. made by Piece of Cake ! 

Also take advantage of the Wifi and many plugs when you are there!
The big negative is the fact that there are no toilets, so prepare your bladder for your delicious bubble tea, and keep it for the long term.

(psst don't worry, they don't use plastic straws now)


A little corner of paradise for cookie lovers. The highlights are definitely the numerous cookie recipes from the most basic to the Snickers filled... The existence of the cookie pie, the Brookie... If you too are a fan of raw cookie dough, don't hesitate and go for the half-baked. You can also buy and order iced shortbread with sugar... Depending on the season the theme changes! Psst, I missed to tell you, we are in Lyon, aren't we? Wouldn't you like a praline cookie?

Concerning the drinks, there is a lot of choice, hot, cold... You will find a barista who will take great pleasure in making whatever you need.

For the price, you may consider it "expensive" for a cookie but... They are delicious, homemade and... TRY IT.

Capture d’écran 2021-07-15 à 14.25.37.png
Source IG :  @coneycookies

▶ 14 Rue Sergent Blandan, Lyon 1

Image 22-02-2023 à 12.03.jpeg
Source IG :  @diploidlyon


There you can go from breakfast, to lunch, to afternoon tea or simply for your coffee break.  And if you want to come on a weekend, don't forget to book your brunch for a more than perfect meal. The space is great for working, with tables and sofas. But the place is very popular, so it's quite busy!

The highlights are the superb pastries that will delight you both visually and in terms of taste. Their many hot and cold drinks, homemade lemonade, latte with latte art... A spontaneity that makes you happy.

The price... Like everywhere else for a Lyon coffee shop, it's within the limits!

▶ 18 Rue de la Platière, Lyon 1


If you are more into muffins, cupcakes and cheesecake instead of cookies, this is the place for you. Many cupcakes decorated according to the season or events. A superb mezzanine with sofas, or to work well, many tables with plugs to connect your computer.

The highlights are definitely their cheesecake and their good homemade lemonade! There is also the nice smile of the people running the place, the good recipes, and the many hot and cold drinks. They also do brunch on weekends, and water is available for self-service. If you succumb to the charm of their food, why not order a beautiful cake design for your birthday? 

For the price, everything is affordable, it's really nice. 

Capture d’écran 2021-07-15 à 14.32.56.png
Source IG : @littlepg69

▶ 30 Rue des Remparts d'Ainay , Lyon 2

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