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Updated: Jun 26, 2023

TOP 5 hidden spots in Lyon you should know about if you’re an Erasmus

Lyon is a beautiful city with a rich history, culture, and architecture. Along with its well-known tourist attractions, the city also has several hidden gems that are well worth visiting. Be the first International student to know about the Top 5 hidden spots in Lyon.

Best Erasmus spot 1 : The Fourvière hanging gardens

If you're on Erasmus or an international student, you must visit this location!

The hanging gardens, which are at the summit of the Fourvière hill, provide a stunning perspective of the city. This secluded area of paradise is a true refuge of tranquility where you can get away from the city's bustle and take in the verdant surroundings. Take a stroll around the flower-lined alleys, unwind on one of the shady benches, and take in the stunning panoramas of Lyon.


Best Erasmus spot 2 : Le Jardin des curiosités

The most astonishing view of the city is waiting for you.

The Jardin des Curiosités, tucked away in the Croix-Rousse neighborhood, is a true hidden gem. A panorama of the city may be seen from this lovely park, with Fourvière Hill and the basilica in the distance. Its peaceful alleyways, fascinating sculptures, and expertly manicured green areas will entice you. It's the perfect location for a picnique with your new university friends or for a romantic date.

Le Jardin des curiosités

Best Erasmus spot 3 : Le passage de l’Argue

When visiting Lyon, be sure to visit the « Passage de l'Argue », a quaint little pedestrian street, which is in the center of the Presqu'île. This cobbled boulevard, which is lined with independent shops, cafés, and restaurants, is a true pleasure to wander down. Explore its vibrant facades, spot the historic signage, and be taken aback by the genuine ambiance that pervades this quiet alleyway away from the busy commercial areas.

Le passage de l’Argue

Best Erasmus spot 4 : La cour des loges

If you're an international student exploring Lyon, you must go to the "Cour des Loges." The inside courtyard of this historic home, which is now a luxurious hotel, is accessible to the public. As you enter, the Renaissance architecture, arched arcades, and spiral staircases will take you back in time. Spend some time getting lost in this exquisite courtyard's crevices and taking in its distinct aura.

La cour des loges

Best Erasmus spot 5 : The Croix-Rousse tunnel

Do you know the Croix-Rousse tunnel to round off this list of the top 5 secret locations in Lyon? It's not just a simple road crossing. Additionally, it has a space just for bikers and pedestrians, providing a unique and interesting experience. You'll come across an urban art gallery with walls covered in vibrant frescoes and inventive graffiti as you make your way through the tunnel. It is a true outdoor museum of Lyon's artistic community.

The Croix-Rousse tunnel

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