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Culinary Specialities in Lyon

You are visiting our beautiful city and you’re asking yourself which “Lyonnais” dish you should try ?

This article is made for you ! We will guide you !

There is only one rule : you have to be greedy


It is a cooked pistachio sausage, surrounded by a beautiful golden brioche. Is there a better way to start the meal ?

Saucisson brioché 

brioche sausage


Despite it’s unappetizing name, the “Cervelle de canut” is nothing more than a … cheese ! Cervelle de canut is a specialty of Lyon, based on faisselle, olive oil and aromatic herbs, that you can eat as a starter as well as a dessert. It's already more enviable !

Cervelle de Canut

canut brain



It is a soft dough mixed with meat,

fish or offal, then added to flour or breadcrumbs. Quenelles are

usually served with a béchamel or tomato sauce.


gratin dauphinois.jpg

Gratin Dauphinois

Potato, cheese, cream : imagine a dish that mixes these three ingredients. Gratin dauphinois is there for you ! This comforting dish mixing creamy potatoes and melted cheese is very popular here in Lyon, but also in all France.

tablier de sapeur.jpg

Dish based on “gras-double” (made from beef tripe) marinated in white wine and fried, which gives it a special texture and taste, with a crunchy exterior and melting interior.

Tablier de sapeur


A soft cheese that will make you melt with pleasure.



Its beautiful red color conquers young and old, and its double crunchy / soft texture brought by its filling of pralines and its cream make it one of the unmistakable in Lyon.

Tarte aux pralines

praline pie


Bugnes : An integral member of the doughnut family, this delicious dough is dipped in oil and covered with powdered sugar. You can find them from January in all good bakeries.



Confiserie based on chocolate ganache coated with marzipan, the Lyon cushion is perfect to finish the meal.

Coussin de Lyon

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