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Top 10 : Useful apps in Lyon!

By Erasmus Party in Lyon

If you just arrived in Lyon you may need some apps to help you find your way around the city. Here are 5 apps that you will need in the city of lights ! 🤗

1. Lyon Guide de Voyage

Let's start with an app which can be useful even if you haven't arrived in Lyon yet : Lyon Guide de Voyage. A trip planner with the best activities and top rated tours you can book instantly. Daily routes, guided walks, city tours, bus rides and more. 🌍

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Source : OnlyLyon - Repost @alainscotton
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2. TCL

If you have one app to download it has to be this one! Thanks to TCL you just have to enter your location and to write where you want to go and the app tells you which means of transport you have to take. So easy! 🚇

Source : @instatram_tcl

3. Citymapper

In the same idea of TCL, Citymapper helps you to get around the city and to go from one place to another as quickly as possible. Choose your team 🤜🤛

Source : The Verge

4. Rhônexpress

Even if we would be sad that you leave Lyon to fly far far away, here is an app to give you some informations about trains which join the center of Lyon with the airport. ✈️

Source : Le Progrès

5. Vélo'v

The sun is shinning and you don't want to take public transports? Vélo'v is an app that allows you to rent a bike. You can now go to your appointment while enjoying the city! 🚲

Source : Weelz

6. Dott

The other solution to cross the city is to rent an electric scooter with the Dott app, or Tiers also available in Lyon. To go quickly without effort. 🛴

Source : Lyon Tourisme

7. YurPlan

Make your reservations on the app and you will no longer lose your entrance tickets. Thanks to YurPlan you can take your tickets for our events online and they will be saved on you phone. Download it quickly, you will need it to join our parties!! 🎫

Source : Google Play

8. Lyon Eats

Looking for a good address in Lyon? Want to have fun and discover original flavors? With Lyon Eats you can order online from carefully selected local partners. Bon appétit as we say in french! 🍽

Source : Google Play

9. Westfield La Part Dieu

A little bit of shopping? La Part Dieu is THE mall to do shopping in Lyon but with its 5 floors you can quickly get lost. This app allows you to find your way around the mall and find your favorite stores. Good luck 🛍

Source : Lyon Mag

10. Confluence

The second option is the mall of Confluence, located in the 2nd district of Lyon, and it also has his own app. Enjoy it!

Source : La Tribune AURA